EPS introduces UCA technology in tubular battery manufacturing

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Evita power systems (p) ltd is a part of EPL group companies.

Leading manufactures and engineering solution providers in Power generation, management and storage . Production capacity of 40000 HD TUBULAR plates of lead, 2500 units of high power rated 4 layer PCB’s per day. Holding R&D centres in the field of mass power storage and distribution and effective utilisation.

Special Features of EVITA Tubular



HDDT tubular plate made with pure grade lead for durability and performance


  • Tubular plate designed for long life in deep discharge cycle.
  • Superior active material for excellent discharge performance.


Made with UCA technology Suitable for all ups/inverter design.


  • Designed for improved efficiency under normal charging conditions.
  • Pure laboratory grade additives and chemicals used for reliable output.
  • Special additives in electrolyte for quick recovery from deep discharge.


Ulta low maintenance , heavy duty& abuse resistant.


  • Excellent charge acceptance suitable for frequent power cuts.
  • Micro porous ceramic vent cum sealed floats plugs to reduce topping up frequency.
  • Works effectively under HIGH AMBIENT TEMPERATURE.


Eco friendly pollution free working eliminating poisonous gases and acid fumes emission.


  • Made with virgin PP container with heat sealing which protect against leakage, corrosion and tempering
  • Working parameters matched with in house usage.

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