EPS introduces UCA technology in tubular battery manufacturing

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Product details – Made with UCA technology Suitable for all ups/inverter design. Designed for improved efficiency under normal charging conditions. Pure laboratory grade additives and chemicals used for reliable output.
HD Tubular Battery

Product details – Sealed maintenance free batteries with lead acid and lead gel combination. Low heat dissipation technology, Superior design in valve to avoid bulging. Superior efficiency and over load capacity.

Ah availability- 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 26Ah, 42Ah,110Ah

SMF Series
Product details – low voltage up to 140v high amp rated dc cables In different gauge. Colour available red, black, blue, yellow and green. Resistant to abrasion, High temperature variant
  curtain   Product details –Switch gears ,Power synchronizers - We deliver switchgears in wide range of Amperages and voltages based on client requirement. Compact and rigid mod fabrication with safety features
Switch Gears


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